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Thu, 14 May 2015
Moody's warns on housing, Reserve Bank wants investor lending to slow more By business reporter Michael Janda
A leading ratings agency has warned that Australia's banks face challenges from a future house price fall, while previously secret Reserve Bank documents show it wants a bigger slowdown in investor loans.

Moody's research released yesterday finds that, while Australia's banks are relatively safe for now, they are likely to face financial challenges from a future fall in home prices.

"Australia's housing market risks are skewed towards the downside," Moody's opined.

"Elevated and rising house prices are intensifying imbalances in the housing market."

One of those imbalances is the unprecedented surge in lending to property investors, particularly in Sydney.

Late last year, the bank regulator APRA announced that it would be asking financial institutions to keep investor loan growth below 10 per cent per annum growth.

However, since then, investor lending growth has actually accelerated to burst through the 10 per cent mark overall, especially after the Reserve Bank's February interest rate cut.

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